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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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rezeen the 13 parcels as p and make them open space >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor avalos >> thank you. i will be very very brief. i just want to make sure there is a few things said. the effort to build the type of housing in the mission we are calling for now has been in existence for decades. it started in the scith's i know it goes back that far, but i'll go back 15 years when the work that was done in the mission district created a pause on work loft developments not just in the mission but all over the city and helped to transform what happens at the board of supervisors for about a decades because quhauf of run away development unsan francisco. we actually have not worked hard noof create the tools to build affordable housing. we
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actually passed in 2012 the housing trust fund. tfs not as sthraung strong as it could be. we passed along with a [inaudible] tax didn't raise enough money to make the housing trust fund as robust as it could be. we lowered the inclusionary rate from 15 to 12 percent on site. shame on us for doing that because now we use this small amounts of funds based on market rate in san francisco is a global market and not a local market for the mission in san francisco to base what we build inclusionary housing on falling behind always because we build luxury housing as a much faster rate than we build affordable housing. now we are coming forward with a 250 million dollar housing bond that is insignificant. i have a competing measure. [inaudible]
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250 million housing bond what the mayor proposed and look at the pipeline in place there are few sites if any in am mission and no sites proposed in the excelier and dist rcktd 11 and fewer in sunset. there are parts in san francisco where you can build affordable housing but the will to do that is very small compared to the demand in terms of political wail to make something bigger hapb. until we have that political will we don't force market rate luxury housing in san francisco to build a very small amount of inclusionary and actually listen to the mission dist rnth community that wants the development that make as difference to what we can live in in the sit a and fully support that. i want to hear from the public now and apologize for jumping in at the
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end, bit it is time to hear from the community who are outside in very very large numbers >> at this time i'm going to open up to public comment. i would like to recognize members who are part of the senior and disabled community first to speak. reverend brown, if you and other members in the row that you are in would thrike come forwards, please come forward at this time. reverend brown and any other members of the senior and disabled community, if you would like to come and speak first and if there is anyone in the overflow room come up with the cameber chamber at this time in terms of
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seniors and disabled community. >> madam chair, members of the office body, i stand before you this afternoon as one who sat in your seats one day. i have had the experience of witness 4 years of legislative activity in this chamber and as i gather this afternoon and hear the pro and con's and truth does come on 2 feet, it does take 2 birds, 2 wings for a bird to fly and 2 wings for a air plane to stay air born.
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the first wing i want to address is i find it to be most unfortunate and quite sad that when black folks in this town were being dislocated there were not the friends that come and stand with us as sons and daughters of africa. we must get rid of this diconmississippi thinking of us against thome, them against us and massive at one pronoun, we. we the people to perform, to establish a more perfect union. i want to say to you today any measure that does not include the african american community is discriminatory. we did not
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hear unfortunately from the sponsors of [inaudible] why couldn't we just work as a team? [inaudible] look out for the safety and security of everybody. my teacher doctor martin luther king said one day, injustice anywhere effects all of us everywhere. now pitch is on the mission, but when 40 years ago black people were being pushed out of this town and [inaudible] the planning commission were all complisters in that move. their hands were dirty and [inaudible] i end by saying, i
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hope, i pray, i yearn san francisco will really become the city of saint francis. a place where we are worthy of saying come and bring your heart and leave it in san francisco. as long as you keep black folks down at the bottom of the barrel you can never come to the summit and the height of being the celestial city you claim to be. >> reverend brown can you police wrap please wrap it up? >> i wrapped it up. when we do that we can justify the city. until then when you are concerned fwht 4.6 percent of the black folks left in the town, who said anything to had housing director about it? nobody on this board. who said
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anything to [inaudible] discrim nutor practice that are about to destroy these non profit developments developed by black churches 40 years ago and now all of a sudden they are telling black churches you got to get out of the way of the blood sweat and tears you established t. is wrong and unjust and if you are concerned about the mission be concerned about black folks too >> there was a member of the public waiting and then you can speak after him >> i'm next >> this gentlemen here with the walker is next and then you can speak after him >> i won't speak long. i will say it directly. i have been before this body a number
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of years talking about the same issue. no solution has gotten us there. no proposed change has worked. now more seniors and disabled people are also being pushed out of this city. affordable housing is a terrible term. fixed income is what we are. we can't go into affordable housing because 900 dollars is the lowest amount of rent they will charge and who is doing that development? the luxury focused developers. everything is working to push us out, not keep us here. i ask you for once to put all your heads together and spend
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extra time in this chamber to come up with a solution to keep us here! this is the first time i have seen a moratorium. maybe it isn't a bad idea to make you do your job >> thank you >> look at it that way >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> i am speaking for this boferd supervisors for few months about the same. unit state is the most fascist cuntsry in the world. >> for member thofz public so we can give a opportunity for everyone to maximize the use of time if you can refrain from clapping or making nysso each individual member gets a opportunity to speak and use
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their entire time. thank you >> no other country in the world has a million people on the street. this is concentration camp. people who are living on the street don't have medicine, don't have food, don't have a roof. it is terrible. the men who talk [inaudible] you have experience 250 years with black slivery. you have 150 years experience with killing nation. million people, indians. you killed them, you took their land now you have homeless. i'm 85 years old, hol cost survivor and you are-this board of supervirezs didn't do anything. you are like gustopa fascist.
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with mayor lee [inaudible] from english language exist toward eviction. you will have problem with houses, affordable houses, with everything. eviction is the biggest problem in united states. what i can say? i came fraa terrible country, russia, but we don't have eviction. eviction is your problem. until you have [inaudible] in english language in the united states it will be everything what is this. you again i say if you can evict 85 >> thank you sir. are there members from the senior or
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disabled community, if you can please come forward? >> from the [inaudible] we also have problems finding housing for independent like me. you know how much rent is, 1400 a month. that is too much and we have to stop the construction, the real estate [inaudible] corporations and brokers. they are talking advantage of the latinos of 24th and barrio. we want a moratorium and [inaudible] also the mission wants it. we want moratorium. stop corporation they are crooks and frauds. [inaudible] >> thank you, next speaker, please >> thank you board of supersupervisors and supervisor campos thank you for authoring
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ledgeilation that will at some point hopefully deal with the issues of non affordable housing in san francisco. there has been billions of dollars spent on development of tax commitment dollars in the city with the promise of affordsable. the law requires 33413 and you can check it is a [inaudible] is affordability cuv nns required for the housing developed for people in very low and extraemly low income dat gores. the problem isn't the moratorium or the adequate funding, the problem is the lack of oversight and people who hold authority to make sure the law and legislation and declaration and public policy is functioning as
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the way it is authored throathe legislation and law. that sh it problem. if you look at sb 2113, we no longer have sb 2113, that means over 5 thousand of housing will not be developed in san francisco because of the [inaudible] approach and aggressiveness of the oci and redevelopment agency. not one of those housing for dee developed. they say they want them developed u about the intent is passify the deep pockets coming to the san francisco that want to bring the level of ami out of the reach of common people who live in the city. i have been in the city all my life. i live in bay view [inaudible] the area that >> thank you sir. next
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speaker please >> sir, think. next speak,er please >> tom gill girty. it is trully economic sunomy from silicon valee. 200 thousand dollar people getting incomes. eeben people in the avenues can't afford this. ocean avenue there is a break water to prevent the high storms but have no break water here. i'm in favor of a moratorium. i'm in favor of changing the raish yoi. we expect 1/3 affordable housing below market housing. i say 2/3 housing design for the people living in the city
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of san francisco, 1/3 market rate so we have influx of the people come in and and bringing vibeerance to the city. it isn't rocket sciness, it can be done. this mayors election is if you are going to favor and allow the real estate industry to have free play and create huge fortunes and profits affording the lexerary housing or are we going to build house frg healthy neighborhoods for people libing in homes? it is 2 sleesh 3 of the people living in san francisco. i would love to see people on the [inaudible] out lived their margin of life style and right to move into the satey into an apartment or capdo they can afford. we can design this for them, it can be done, same in other parts of the sit a. what
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happens is that creates movement. the silicon valley people can interspurs in the apartments and condos we give up >> next speaker. mam, did you want to speak? >> did you want to speak? >> my name is [inaudible] all i want to do is say this, it was once said that the moral tebsest test of government is how that government treats those [inaudible] the children. those are in the trilite of
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life, the elderly and those in the shadowch life, the sick, needy and handy cap and want to add those that cannot live in the city. do something about it and stop taking the money. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i would thrike make a couple points, first i object to the term that is used without defining it of affordable housing because there was a meeting a few months ago at the proposed development at south van ness and 26th street where we asked the developer what you mean by affordable and he dodged the question and said it means 70 percent of a 200 thousand dollar house hold income. that is not affordsable in any real persons mind so you have to get that straight what you are talking about and this is what
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developers mean when they say it. the other thing i want to say is that several ofia specifically supervisor farrell and wiener really dodged the logical issue of the moratorium. the moratorium was not the solution, the moratorium is to give time to plan a #12c3450 solution and the fact supervisor christensen that nothing has been done until now is just a sad characterization of the mayor we had and the board of sproovisors we had because this problem has existed but because nothing has been done doesn't mean don't do something now. give us time to get a hold of the property before dwept gets them. it isn't just a matter of compassion, it is also a question for those of you who will be welty enough to stay here needing the servicess of
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people who will not be here. teachers clerks and med techs. when i moved here there was a perpondiance of people that can't work. now my dream is supervisor farrell and wiener will go to the doctor one day and have to wait 3 months for a x-ray because there are no x-ray techs >> thank you, next speakers. thank you madam president and board supervisors and thank you dauv udfor your hard work. via lurosa. [inaudible] the mission is not going back down, madam. we are here for the long term. whatever happens today will happen. we are going continue this fight. we continue the fight for our people to keep them in their
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homes and keep their children going to the district schools and stay with friends and teachers they love e. we can continue this as long as it takes madam president. we fought against ree development and won in the mission. we are going to fight this to the end. we want to you to join us as brothers and sisters, you are your brothers teachers, but hiding beall the devil talk, wree the people and love you and want to stay in our homes. these people are your supervisors that are going to vote no against this, you got to face your constituency and say i'm putting people on the streets. i'm going put kids out of thoir schools. i'm going to displace people. is thought what the hell you are
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saying? you are wrong. we as a mission are not going no wheres. this is our community. thank you >> thank you, next speaker, please >> i'm in favor of this vote. i'm a second generation san franciscan. you talk about change, i have seen the city change a whole bunch. all these nairblds wree talking about at mission bay, that was a big trucking company and embark dairy that was water front. where is it going end? i look around and we are here for the protection of the police officers and school teachers and this and that. what we have to stop this. we just keep going on and on. what is affordable? i would like to know that. to me most
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people are in the 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand year bracket if they are lucky, not 200 thousand a year. my jejication isn't that much, but when i bought my house in 1979 i was making 20 thousand a year. the housing went from 60 to 80 thousand dollars, the same house in that neighborhood is going for over a million. if it goes over 10 times that-my math is good. if i was making 20 thousand a year and the housing went for 60 thousands and worth a million now, that is 300 thousand a year. my friend isn't making that and nobody in the room is making that so we have to keep this on a common sense basis. keep it simple. that is what is wrong
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can this thing today is nobody wants to keep it simple, they want it complicated. a simple vote on this to make is t is a low income deal. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> my name is dong begler in libed in the mission for 29 years on 24th and vulens raw. i don't want to see more one more house bit at luxury market rate. i also head up a-i live on [inaudible] basic income is social security. i also help a health care organization with 7 thousand members in san francisco and know not having a room for ones own place to be is a helt issue and leads to mental health stress. i support the time out to come up with a plan to people that live in the mission live in the mission. a lot of supporters
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talk about the fire fighter squz nurses, you know who i care about, i hang on a lot of [inaudible] not one person who works in there a waitress or cook doesn't have at least 2 jobs to live in this sit aand some can't afford to lib in the city. those are the people who i'm most worried about being able to afford to live in san francisco. the grit and achberage working prern is in the city that is why i want to see a time out so we can build only affordable and find places for anybody who can make minimum wage in san francisco to live. thank you >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon and. i lived on 20th street [inaudible] i'm a block away from a city blocked destroyed
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june 18 when they get their demo permit for the space block. it is on 2 thousand bryant street. they will tear apart the block and lose at least 50 union jobs in the act prop shop and seem builders. they lose 9 jobs from had local car repair store and look frg another place and can't find. on june 18 is when the demo happens and just got a e-mail from the planning department from christopher thomas said the e-mail is a notification for community plan [inaudible] is certified from the planning department and exempt. what the hell? we had a plan and the entire city block that can be 100 percent afford will go 274 units of housing and 16
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percent is affordsable to 20 percent of the county and 230 units are luxury apartments. that is why we need a moratorium because june 18 they get a permit and the block is gone. the arts group in that space was a historical center in the midtholf block and they are gone. [inaudible] just put a sign saying we are gon of may 28. they were told to leave and left. everybody on the block a block from where i live will go away in 18 days and need a moratorium to stop this now to take a breath, look at the plan and understand why this project is ex. >> thank you very much. next speakers >> good afternoon. supervisors david eliate lewis.
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you have seen me before. scaert mental health board. i see this housing issue as a mental health isue. without housing and space for non profit and spaces for production distribution how can you have a balanced neighborhood and how can you have the mental wealth fair you need, the environment you need for a melthally healthy place. [inaudible] i support this moratorium. it isn't a perfect solution but it is a help and wake up call that something has to be done. for those supervisors opposed, i listb to your reasons do you believe you will help the city by not supporting it? this won't solve everything, but it is small help in a over heated
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neighborhood with way too much lexry development and no affordsable development. we need something, this is a partial solution. please consider t. there will be a few less dollars for proposition [inaudible] so what. we need this at least to start the process of bringing in more programs and more services and protecting people against elisact eviction jz the non profits vulnerable to losing spaces. i submit comments for your consideration and hope you will vote your hearts, not economic interest but your hearts and do what is right for the city. thank you for your time >> thank you, next speaker please >> madam president, board of supervisors my name is raufial pucauseo, new leelected vice